What does your company need to succeed this 2019

Do you know what does your company need to be visible and differentiate from your competitors in this 2019?

Here I have some suggestions for you!

  1. A good story line of what do you do: You need to be able to tell your clients how can you help them and why should they chose you instead of others.
  2. A good channel to show your product: You really need to think about, in what channel are you going to reach your audience with really little effort. We always think about Facebook and Instagram, but there are hundreds of channels in which you can show your product. Online and Offline! Can be magazines, social media, networking events, etc. Think in which would you make the most impact!
  3. Good images: your and your product need to look good! If your images have a mediocre quality, you are not going to be trusted by your potential clients. People will pass you by and will go for the most appealing one in the market. You need to invest in good imagery. Hire a photographer to make the pictures for your website and Instagram and you will see the difference. If you are prepared to improve your brand visually, just let me know. I can help you to create the images you need to present yourself and your products better. Check my Personal Branding Photoshoot Package here!
  4. A good administration system: Sending estimates, invoices and doing your accounting can be a pain in the ass if you don’t have your things in order. I suggest you to try some services and check the one that fits you. Sometimes you have to pay for it, but believe me, it is worth it!
  5. A good workflow: I suggest you starting to think how can you improve the way you work. You can start by batching similar work, clarify your priorities, put a timer so you can work without distractions for a certain amount of time or turn of your mobile data/wifi so you can get in the zone. You choose!. You should also research some productivity techniques such as: pomodoro technique or my favorite, Getting things done. 

    What else do you think your company need to succeed in this 2019?