Where are you heading in 2019?

Now that all of us are truly ending the year, looking back at 2018 and preparing for 2019, we’d love to share some pictures of our very first Personal Branding workshop. At the end of October we got together with a bunch of sweet, intelligent and motivated people, to look & reflect upon where they were heading to and to look more closely at their brand.

The day was filled with a dynamic flow of inspiration, serious thoughts & reflection; good team work,  a home made lunch and some fun and games,(we actually made the salad ourselves!) and even a portrait photo shoot, by our one and only, Luisa!

It was interesting to see that the people who came to us, all had quite a clear internal vision and were searching for a way to get it out there. Often we don’t realise that it’s all inside our heads (or our hearts), and look for outside validation. If we have the proper tools and are able to look inwards first, we find everything we need to know.

We had so much fun developing this workshop and see the need of a good personal brand, in just about every aspect of work, that we are cooking up some new stuff for 2019!! Expect to hear some news by latest of February!

Lots of love,

Luisa (Personal Branding Photographer & Growth Hacker)
Erika (Personal Branding coach & trainer and Yin yoga Teacher)


More pictures here!

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