Present yourself better online!

In this hyperconnected time, your online image should be a mirror of your expertise and create a link of trust with your potential clients.

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uring the past three years I have been helping entrepreneurs to match their personality and abilities to their online image. I’m convinced that a portrait that reveals your true essence, beauty and expertise will build a sense of confidence and attract the desired clients.

Here is how we can create your high quality brand images together:

❈ First, we do a personal interview to define your personality and your company’s identity

❈  Second, I will create a mood board as inspiration for your Photoshoot

❈ Third, I will scout for the perfect locations for your portraits

❈ Forth,  we meet for a wonderful half-day photoshoot on the selected location/s

❈ Fifth, I do my magic with the images we shot together

Then Voila, you have a package of 30 high-resolution images that you can use to present yourself better on your website, social media, or other print material for your company!

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