You only have five (5) seconds to bring your message across, this is why your image should be a mirror of your expertise and create a link of trust with your potential clients.

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With my personal branding photoshoot, I will help you to communicate your identity and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

So, today I invite you to work with me and create the images that can help to improve your business visual brand!

The five steps we will follow to capture your brand essence

1. To start, I will interview you to define your personality and your company’s identity.

2. Then, I will create a mood board as inspiration for your Photoshoot.

3. After that, I will scout for the perfect location/s for your portraits.

4. When the date comes, we do a half a day photoshoot on the selected location.

5. and to finalize, I do my magic to improve your portraits!

Voila, you would have a package a 40+ high-resolution portraits/images that will help you to present you and your company on your website, social media or other printed channels.

Prices start at €699 (incl BTW)

If you want to receive more information or book a free 20 mins Skype appointment, send me a message!