Welcome to GROW I: Our Personal Branding and Visual Identity Workshop

Are you ready to learn something new?

If you are a freelancer who wants to find your focus, an entrepreneur who is just starting, or you just want to grow your business and learn how to present yourself…. pay attention, cause this is going to be valuable information:

We, Luisa Santiaga (Visual Branding Photographer) & Erika Kennedy (Personal Branding coach & trainer) are creating a series of workshops to help you find your true purpose and more fulfilment in work. We help all people, although especially entrepreneurs to find their thing, you know that thing that makes them feel like they are contributing their best qualities to the world, and then we help them present themselves in the best possible way to whichever audience is suited.








In this first workshop you will receive:
✽ A road map to find your purpose & build your identity
✽ Building stones to your positioning (how to present
✽ A guide to building your visual identity
✽ Basic steps to creating your visual identity
✽ Opportunity to brainstorm in a group
✽ Opportunity to get feedback on your idea
✽ A digital portrait fit for professional use
✽ Lunch & borrel
✽ A new network of like minded people

If you are interested in a spot, please fill out the form below + join the facebook event. You will receive payment information. As we are small and not automated, please do contact us if you are missing any information or have any questions. We would love to talk to you!

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🌿 GROW 🌿
Personal Branding & Visual Identity Workshop I
Friday 26th of October (09.30 – 17.00)
Location: Buurtboederij – Amsterdam
Early Bird: 10th of September (149.-)
Regular: 1st of October (180.-)


Please, take in to account, what do we NOT do?

Please note that creating a brand or finding your purpose generally does not happen in one day. In fact this is an ongoing process, that can sometimes take a few years to fruition! We therefor cannot guarantee you will walk out the door with a ready made plan or a whole new style to your brand. We also are not designers and will not do any excercises actually creating your logo and such. What we will do, is give you a guideline how to develop this yourself. The workshop will be a nice balance of theory and knowledge, along with practical exercises you can do alone or in groups. You should be able to walk away with most of your questions answered and at least a good idea into which direction you are heading and what your next step is.

One workshop is probably insufficient and that is why we are creating a series of workshops. The first one is about identity. If you feel you need more depth and want specific coaching on your personal brand, you are most welcome to join in other workshops and make use of our services. We are always here to help you, so feel free to make an appointment with us too!