We Care: Photography and Poetry Exhibition

About We Care

We Care explore those deep familiar relationships and intergenerational connections. The 15 portraits and poetry that are part of this exhibition are a reflection of how daily life activities can become rituals of reflection about femininity, erotism and a way to transmit oral traditions from one generation to the other.

Diana Agámez & Luisa Machacón bring to the spotlights the rupture in the orality, familiar laces and traditions that arises when women in the Latin American society need economic independence and there is not enough time to work and take care of the elders.

Where and When
This photography & poetry exhibition will be open to the public from 6th September at the Centre for Latin American Research and Documentation – UvA located at Roeterstraat 33.

The photographer and the writer

Diana Agámez is a venezuelan – colombian writer based in Rome, Italy.
Through her poetry, Diana touches the relationship between the body, the passage of time and the objects that create the everyday life essence. In her lines, the body opens like a book in which we can read endless stories of pain, joy, eroticism and politics.

Luisa Machacón is a Colombian researcher and photographer based in Amsterdam.
She combines her in-depth knowledge about the Latin American region with her passion for storytelling and portraits. Luisa uses photography as an instrument to define, debate and understand the society in a visual way.