About Me

Personal Branding Photographer

One of the biggest passion in my life is photography. I love to take a camera and capture the essence of people, that inner light and that sparkle of people’s personality. Telling stories with images is an art that requieres to be sharp to be able to capture that precise moment. Currently, I’ m focus in doing personal branding, portraits and events photo shoots to help you and your company to show to the world your true self, your confidence, what are you good at and what can you do for them.

Portret Fotograaf

I usually photograph with natural light, in open space or in a place that allows you to shine. You can choose! Previous to a photo shoot, I like to know about you, what do you like, what are you ideals, what do you want to achieve. I like to research the backgrounds of your business and event, because as Sebastiao Salgado said:

“While you are capturing a moment, you are also capturing your previous knowledge because you are capturing from your own point of view and perspective”.

I work all over The Netherlands.
Contact me and let me capture those seconds that can tell a whole story…
Telephone: +31 640517235
E-mail: luisamachaconr@gmail.com